Ghassan Mohammad Bani Ahmad

Ghassan Mohammad Bani Ahmad earned his Mathematics degree at the University of Jordan in 1986. His areas of interest include journalism and plastic art. Since 1988, Mr. Bani Ahmad has been working as a writer and editor for major newspapers and journals in the Middle East. He has been a columnist in “Al Arabi Al-Jadid” of London since 2011. His writings there focus on critique and architecture. He has also written for “Al-Ghad” daily newspaper for four consecutive years (2011-2014). Mr. Bani Ahmad has held multiple exhibitions and workshops regionally and internationally.  He is well known for having been the working force behind outdoor sculptures, installation works, and murals around Jordan.


Mr. Bani Ahmad has published two important works so far. In 2013, he published “70 Years of Plastic Art in Jordan.” This was written in cooperation with the Jordan Museum of Fine Arts –The Royal Jordanian Society for Arts. In 2017, Mr. Bani Ahmad published “Visual Cabinets—A Critical Scene of Contemporary Arab Art.”


 Mr. Bani Ahmad is currently working with a full-time creativity grant sponsored by the Jordanian Ministry of Culture. This fund is supporting one of his sculptural projects titled “Man and Place.”

  • 8/28/2018