Major General Fadel Mohammad Al-Humoud

Director of Public Security, the public security directorate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Major General Fadel Mohammad Al-Humoud received his BA degree in Public Administration and Political Science from the University of Jordan (UJ) in 1981.
Al-Humoud joined the Public Security Directorate in late 1981. He has decades of experience in leadership positions and his dedication in his service has brought him many honors and acknowledgments over the years.
Among the many leadership position he has occupied, Al-Humoud served as the General Secretary of the National Council for Family Affairs, Commander of Metropolitan Regional security Command, Director of Criminal Investigation Department, Director of Vehicle and Drivers licenses Department, and the Director of Family Protection Department.
He has been recognized with many medals and insignias, including the Summit of the Accord Medal, Order of Military Merit of Fourth Degree, Independence Medal of Third Degree, Jordanian Red crescent Medal, Regiment Medal of Third Degree, Renaissance Medal of Second Degree, Order of Military Merit of Second Degree, Administrative and Technical Efficiency Insignia, Long Loyal Service Insignia, Command Efficiency Insignia, Judicial Police Insignia, Excellent Public Security Insignia, Field Efficiency Insignia, and the Jordan International Police Training Center Insignia.


  • 9/1/2018