May Abu Alsamen

Member of the Jordanian Senate May Abu Alsamen received a Bachelor degree in Arabic Literature from the University of Jordan (UJ) in 1970, followed by a Master's degree in Educational Administration, also from UJ.

Abu Alsamen started her career as an educator; teaching Arabic literature for school students. After years of successful teaching, she went to administration and served as a school principle for over 20 years.

The former educator is also a politician, feminist, and human rights activist. She has been a trainer in human rights, specifically women's rights, and has served as a Member of the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW), and the Women International Union.

She also served as a member of the 20th, 21st Senate of Jordan.

She is a founding member of the Jordanian National Forum for Women (JNFW), and was in the board of the Development and Employment Fund, Supreme Council for Youth, Board of Trustees of Al Hussein Bin Talal University, and National Center for Human Rights, in addition to the Higher Council for Media, and the Royal Commission for Human Rights.

She is a Member of the Governing body of Um Al Hussein Orphanage, Vice President of Jordan’s Association for Senators Social Responsibility, and a Board Member of the Center of Women Studies at the University of Jordan.

When it comes to sharing her best advice for young aspiring female students, Abu Alsamen says they need to "firmly believe in that they have the capabilities to achieve their goals and aspiration

  • 2/28/2019