Nassar Al-Qaisi

​Current Jordanian Lower House Member and physician Dr. Nassar Hassan Salem Al-Qaisi, is the alumnus of the month for the December issue of our newsletter.

Born in 1971, Al-Qaisi earned a Bachelor degree in Medicine and General Surgery from the University of Jordan (UJ) in 1995. Al-Qaisi. He spent his residency at the Department of Dermatology and Genetics of the Al-Hussein Medical city of the Royal Medical Services (1995-1998), then pursued a specialty in Dermatology and Reproductive Medicine and earned the Jordan Medical Council Certificate in 2000, after which he worked for the Ministry of Health.
In 2007, Al-Qaisi was elected as member of the 15th House of Representatives and he was the first deputy speaker of the lower house from 2008-2009. He was also head of the Jordanian-American Parliamentary Friendship Committee (2007-2009), Jordanian-Kuwaiti Parliamentary Friendship Committee (2007-2009), and Rapporteur of the Jordanian-British Parliamentary Friendship Committee (2007-2009). Moreover, Al-Qaisi was Jordan Representative to Monitor the American Presidential Elections (2008-2009) in which president Obama won and Jordan Delegate at the conference of reviewing the findings and results of 2009 American elections, as well as Member of the European Mediterranean Parliament in (2007-2009).
In the 2010 parliamentary elections, Al-Qaisi was re-elected as member of the 16th House of Representatives in which he also served as Rapporteur of the Financial and Economic Committee and member of the Integrity Committee and the Parliament Reform Bloc. 
Al-Qaisi serves as well in the 18th Lower House, which is the current parliament. He is the elected first deputy speaker of the Lower House (2019/2020) and member of the Financial Committee. Moreover, he served as Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (2018), Head of the Parliamentary delegation to the Council of Europe, and member of the European Parliament in Strasbourg France (2017), and is serving as Head of the Jordan Delegation to Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (2019/2020).
Al-Qaisi is also a businessman and has founded and co-founded a number of housing and construction companies, Founder and Partner of British International Schools Company (BIA), and serves in the Board of Directors of the France-Jordan Company for Insurance ( Public Share holding Company). Furthermore, he was a faculty member at the School of Medicine from 2015- 2016.
Al-Qaisi attended many regional and international conferences and meeting, including meetings of International Monetary Fund (IMF), the UN Global Youth Conference (New York), Peaceful Coexistence Cross Religions Conference (Abu Dhabi), World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa (Dead Sea), Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Conference in (Cairo/Greece/Belgium).

  • 2/17/2020