Abdullah A. Al Abbadi


Engineer Abdullah A. Al Abbadi graduated from the University of Jordan (UJ) with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in 1983.

After graduation, he served in the Jordanian Armed forces/ Royal Engineering Corps as Senior Engineer, supervising officers' housing project in Amman (1983- 1985). After working in the private sector for a while (1985-1986), Al Abbadi was appointed as head of the engineering department at Al Balqa'a Governorate Awqaf Directorate (1986- 1994), in addition to that, he taught in the Engineering Department of Al-Salt Community College.

Later in 1994, he was appointed Assistant to the Director of Amman Awqaf Directorate for Engineering Affairs (1994-2000), then as Director of Construction and Maintenance at the Ministry of Awqaf (2000-2005).

Since 2005, Al Abbadi has been serving as Assistant Secretary General of the Ministry of Awqaf, as well as Director of Jerusalem Awqaf and Al Aqsa Mosque Affairs Department at the Ministry.

He is also a Member of the Jordanian National Committee for World Heritage and a delegate of Jordan in the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.

In 2007, when the Israel  excavated, destroyed, and demolished part of Magharebeh Gate Pathway (MGP), one of the pathways leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque, it was Al Abbadi's plan to solve the issue which was proposed by Jordan and addressed to the World Heritage Center (WH center) at the UNESCO.

The plan seeks to renovate, restore and stabilize the historical structures of the Magharebeh Gate Pathway (MGP).

Al Abbadi is also an active participant in numerous conferences, meetings and symposia on Jerusalem, such as the Hashemite Restoration for Al Aqsa Mosque, Al Aqsa Mosque Menbar (Salah Al-deen menbar), Dangers Encountering Al Aqsa Mosque, Israeli Plans to Change Jerusalem's Landmarks, Jordan's Design of Solving the issue of MGP, and other topics.


  • 3/28/2018