Ambassador of Japan Receives UJ President and SYLFF Fellows

​On 12th of November, the Japanese Ambassador to Jordan Mr. Hienao Yanagi held a reception in his residence which was attended by the President of the University of Jordan (UJ) Prof. Abdel Karim Al Qudah and fellows of Sylff (The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund) from UJ.
Sylff, which is a scholarship program founded in 1987 and now managed by Tokyo Foundation, was joined by the University of Jordan in 2003 as one of the 69 universities all over the world.

During the reception, Ambassador Yanagi explained the cooperation between Japan and the University, commending its position among higher education institutions in the Middle East.


Yanagi said that the scholarship was granted to 69 universities around the world, of which only two are Arab; the American University in Cairo and the University of Jordan.
In turn, Al Qudah applauded the scholarship program and its keenness to raise the academic and higher education sector and invest in  youth education, expressing thanks and appreciation for the strong ties that link Jordan and Japan.


Al Qudah said the scholarships had a positive impact on the students, as it, along with its support for the distinguished, enabled them to pursue their educational achievement, broadened the horizons, and taught them responsibility and commitment, and encouraged competition and creativity among them.
Director of the International Cooperation Unit at the University, Dr. Hadeel Al Yaseen said 14 students at the master's level, and 7 at the doctoral stage have so far benefited from the scholarship, confirming that UJ follows delicateprocedures in its selection of students applying for scholarships according to the required conditions.


Al Yaseen appreciated the keenness of the presenter institution to continuously supervise the implementation of the scholarship, communicate with the fellow students,expressing hope to expand the horizons of cooperation in new joint projects and programs.


Tayseer Abu Odeh, a Sylff fellow, said the scholarship which he obtained through UJ, made it possible for him to pursue his master's studies, adding that it's a unique fellowship program as it offers support to fellows throughout their entire career.

A message from Tokyo Foundation was also read out during the event. Moreover, theattendees expressed their gratitude to Sylffand Tokyo Foundation for supporting their studies. They extended their appreciation for the event which comprised an opportunity for all the fellows to meet and recall memories and experiences.

  • 1/22/2020