Ekaterina Fedoseeva

My name is  Ekaterina Fedoseeva. I am from Russia.  I got PhD degree in Russian Philology at the Moscow Pedagogical University. For nearly 18 years I have been teaching Russian Literature to University students.
Currently I am a full professor at the University of Jordan in Amman. My first contact with this University dates back to 2011 when, as a professor of Russian literature, I had applied for a job here. I've always dreamed of a challenging position in a well-established Department of Linguistics to assist for development of humanitarian dialogue between countries by teaching Russian language and literature for foreign students, especially in the Middle East. Therefore, the University of Jordan ranked at the top of my choices. Completely satisfied with my first year, I decided to stay longer and further advance my teaching here. So far, it’s been more than seven years since then.  
My experience has, overall, been positive. Socializing with my international colleagues was quite easy from the start. Socializing with the local students seemed to be not so complicated.  Students are focused on learning and do everything possible to achieve high results. Besides, it should be noted, that Jordanian students treat teachers with great respect. 
The University of Jordan has a very efficient administration structure that goes beyond the enrolment procedure, such as the residence permit and other procedural issues.  But sometimes it takes longer than expected to obtain a residence permit. The competent staff is also very helpful with issues to do with official documents.
The quality of life and the vast professional and academic activity attract a great number of expats for work or studies. The Jordanian professors are highly qualified in their field and very hospitable and friendly. Personally, in the context of my teaching, I had the opportunity to cooperate with my foreign colleagues that is very useful for professional activities and expanding horizons.  
I have a keen interest in creating lectures which goes beyond the textbook and finds ways to relate the lectures to the modern world. University of Jordan provides with the perfect opportunity to uniquely blend traditional learning with hands-on tactics that get students excited to come to class.

  • 11/18/2018