Richard Garrett


I am a US Fulbright Scholar teaching at the University of Jordan for the 2018-19 academic year. A senior lecturer of English at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, I specialize in teaching academic writing as well as language courses such as linguistics and sociolinguistics. I have a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from the University of Iowa. At the University of Jordan, I am teaching a master’s TEFL course in addition to writing courses for bachelor’s students.
The Department of English at the University of Jordan, especially its Chair Dr.Yousef Awad, has been a gracious, solicitous host during my time here in Amman, offering me an interesting curriculum to teach as well as providing me with an office, other useful resources, and a lot of help in adjusting to my professional life here. Of course, the highlight of my Fulbright experience here is the students! I have been fortunate enough to teach both master’s linguistics students and first-year students majoring in English, so I have been exposed to a wide spectrum of student experience, knowledge and abilities. One thing all my students share, however, is a curiosity and enthusiasm about the English language and American culture.
An additional perk to being a Fulbrighter at the University of Jordan is the opportunity to speak and engage with students outside the classroom. One of my most enjoyable experiences here is to speak to students at the American Corner in the university library.
 The library’s director and American Corner staff have been most polite and considerate in inviting me to serve as a guest lecturer on a weekly basis, and recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a large group of high school students from another city who were visiting Amman and the university for the day. Their excitement in talking about American culture and language was amazing!

  • 1/13/2019