Anass Bendrif

The Centre for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and CFI (Media Development) organised a 2 days conference about Social Media and Politics. I was approached by CFI to participate as a speaker and at such great event. At the same time to train media students on how to cover conferences in real time.
As a constant media trainer for CFI it was a duty and honor to participate at such great event.
I have an extensive experience in the region working with different partners, but working at the University of Jordan (UJ) was a warm experience.
It was striking the variety of experts who participated in the conference. It was a nice cocktail to have NGO’s, state officials, researchers and media professionals under the same roof. The nature of the subjects implies that the problems caused by social media needs joined efforts. I may add that the audience also contributed to a rich discussion.
However, what was for me the richest experience is working with students from the University of Jordan and other universities. The students were eager to learn and to perform. I tried to put them in a pressure to be ready for the real job. I can only be proud of what they achieved so far.

  • 2/3/2019