Dr. Debbie Abuelghanam


I have had the privilege of teaching at the University of Jordan for 10 years at the Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies. I received my Masters and Ph.D. in Political Science from Texas Tech University. I have taught courses in American Studies, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution to Master’s students in English.
Teaching in the International Relations, Diplomacy and Regional Studies Department has allowed me to educate  sharp minded Jordanian and international students. I have taught  American politics, history, culture, economics, and  literature. Interacting with students in the classroom gave me an opportunity to learn about Arab Jordanian culture and values realizing there is much in common between American and Jordanian culture.
The American Studies Program is structured to provide in depth knowledge of the United States within a global context. It  has allowed me to engage with Jordanians, as well as international students, who are enthusiastic to learn and absorb all they can.
 American Studies  provides a well-rounded student with a flexibility of thought, critical thinking, analytical and writing skills as well as a vast  wealth of information about the United States. It is a two way street because they have helped me expand my understanding as well through intercultural exchanges                                                     
As an American living and working in Jordan, it has made me appreciate the University of Jordan, my colleagues and students.
It has provided me the opportunity to foster cooperation among cultures, perhaps alleviate some of the misperceptions about American society as well as offer a comprehensive education. Jordan has become a second home to me, especially due to the rich unique Arab Jordanian culture. I feel very fortunate and lucky to be working for the University of Jordan. 

  • 2/28/2019