William Naugle


Amman is a big city where, during the day, everyone is rushing to somewhere important.
After the sun sets, though, the city lights up and it seems like a huge disco party.  Amman is the capital, but Jordan has so much more to offer.  So far, I have visited Jerash, Salt, and Madaba, and each city has its unique character and I am eager to explore much more.
At the University of Jordan, I have participated in many interesting activities, when I haven’t been busy teaching and correcting papers.  And, I’ve learned so much from what my students have written that I feel like I’m the student.
I’ve made so many friends already and I suspect that I will be making many more.
Even though I’ll be here for a full academic year, it seems as though the time is flying by and I can hardly catch my breath.

  • 12/11/2019