Fatima Zahra Missoum

​My name is Fatima Zahra Missoum. I am an Algerian Student. I have got my Master's degree from Algeria at the University of Algeria. I moved to Jordan three years ago under an educational exchange program to proceed with my PhD in English Literature.

At first, I thought It would be a hard task to move to Jordan because of the fact that my former university in Algeria and the university of Jordan have totally different educational systems. Yet, this experience was not what I expected. I have had the privilege to be part of the English Department and I am thankful for many reasons.
The department offers an incredible academic environment, seminars, interdisciplinary initiatives and it also has a remarkable library. Moreover, the University of Jordan is multicultural, open, committed to research at the highest standards and it enables me to develop expertise in my specific field of research which was a big motivation.
I heartily recommend the University of Jordan to other students. I would encourage them to fully enjoy and benefit from the courses, seminars, social networking, and academic expertise because by doing so I have come to be aware of how Literature is a style of life. 

  • 1/21/2020