Roaa Almomany

I spent 10 years of my life at the University of Jordan. From 2006 till 2010, I studied German and English at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I graduated with an excellent degree and was ranked as one of the first in my class. Therefore, I was granted the opportunity to work at the same faculty as a research and teaching assistant for one year, and I got a scholarship to complete the Master and PhD degree in Germany, but I preferred to enter the world of political science. So, from 2012 to 2014, I finished the Master degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Jordan. During my BA and MA studies, I was nomi​nated to participate in many training courses and conferences abroad. I attended two courses in Germany, one course in Greece and got the Erasmus scholarship to spend one semester at "Science Po. University" in Paris. After the establishment of a PhD program in Political Sciences at the University of Jordan in 2015, I didn't hesitate even for a moment to apply and live this experience, and now, I am about to defend my PhD Thesis. In Short, the University of Jordan is my second home.
It was a really long, but interesting journey. At the University of Jordan, I enjoyed the learning experience, won great friends and met outstanding professors, who affected me positively.
The good reputation of the University of Jordan and the sufficient skills I acquired during my study at UJ has afforded me the opportunity to enter in the job market with great confidence. I had the opportunity to work in several positions at many embassies and international organizations.
I can honestly say that am proud of being a member of UJ family.


  • 3/28/2018