Tong-Chen Pan

One of my aspirations is  to work in the Middle East one day. Knowing everything starts from communication with others, and language is an essential means of communication. The Language Center at the University of Jordan (UJ) was the first I thought about because it has teachers who have the skills to teach the Arabic language for non-native speakers.  In addition, they offer a lot of information about the culture, ancient sites, food, art, and the situation in the Middle East, etc.

The language course I'm enrolled at includes visits to the most popular and historic sites in Jordan, offering a learn experience about the culture and history of country that relates to what we have learned in class during our study.

This is the first time I enroll in a specialized language center in my whole life and I have learned more than I have ever learned before I came to the center. I thank my tutors at the Center and every second I spend here at the Center will be unforgettable and a precious memory to hold and keep forever.

Finally, there is a saying that goes: "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first", which means that we have to make great efforts to overcome difficulties in front of us at the beginning. I believe in this wisdom, so I decided to take the difficult path and travel to learn Arabic in a country that is completely foreign to me.

  • 6/21/2018