Conference on Gender-based Violence Convenes under Justice Minister's Patronage

A conference titled “Gender-Based Violence against Women in Jordan: Rethinking Social, Legal, and Healthcare Services”, took place Tuesday, July 16, at the University of Jordan (UJ) under the patronage of the Minister of Justice, Dr. Bassam Talhoni.
The event, organized by the Center for Women's Studies at the University of Jordan (UJ) in cooperation with Tokyo Foundation / Sylff Leadership Initiatives, aims at highlighting the current status of social, health and legal services provided in Jordan in cases of gender-based violence.
The conference, which brought together experts and academics from Jordan and some Arab and foreign countries, discussed in four sessions the reality of social-based violence services in the justice and police sectors, gender-based violence services from a legal perspective, and the role of family protection department in protecting women against violence.
The second session highlighted the role of national, international and civil society institutions in promoting gender-based violence services, including UNFPA, the National Council for Family Affairs, and the National Commission for Women's Affairs.
The third session addressed gender-based violence services in the health sector, the role of the Ministry of Health, as well as rehabilitation services of abusers.
The fourth session focused on gender-based violence services in the social development and social protection sector for Jordanians and refugees from the perspective of the Ministry of Social Development, the role of civil society organizations in promoting social protection, and mechanisms of professional intervention in cases of gender-based violence.
The speakers included Minister of Justice Bassam Talhouni; former Minister of Culture and human rights lawyer Asma Khader; Jordanian Senator Taghreed Hikmet, who was the first female judge in Jordan and the first female judge at the International Criminal Tribunal from an Arab country; former Senator Raeda Qutob, who served as secretary general for the Higher Population Council and the National Council for Family Affairs.
Sylff Program Coordinator at Tokyo Foundation, Mary Sazuki, presented the Foundation's role in supporting students and benefiting from scholarships in the humanitarian and social fields.
She explained that the idea of the conference came up after signing a memorandum of understanding in 2019 between Tokyo Foundation (SyIff Association Secretariat) that lead to a partnership with Center for Women's Studies at the University.
  • 8/29/2019