Theses Depository Center Hosts 80,000 Academic Theses


Assistant Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Universities, Dr. Khamis Hamidi, estimated the number of postgraduate theses hosted by the Theses Depository Center with more than 80,000 in all fields.
The Center, which is affiliated to the Association of Arab Universities, is based at the University of Jordan Library and includes theses that are approved from universities that are members in the Association of Arab Universities.
Hamidi pointed out during a visit to the University to the role of the Center in preserving the intellectual rights of researchers and graduate students in the higher education institutions of the Arab world.
Director of the Library, Dr. Nashrawan Al-Tahat, said that the Center plays an important role in supporting research activities on campus; providing students with examples of academic theses, and allowing them and scholars to access the scientific and literary content of the Center freely and without restrictions.
Moreover, Al-Tahat added that the Association is supporting the Fifth International Conference on E-Publishing (ICEPUB2019), which will be organized by the Library next September under the slogan "Innovation, Engagement, and Sustainability".
  • 8/29/2019