Fifth International Conference on E-Publishing Kicks-off

The 5th International Conference on E-Publishing (ICEPUB) has convened from 24-26 September in Amman under the theme: "Innovation, Engagement & Sustainability".
The conference, which was organized by the University of Jordan (UJ) Library brought together researchers, professionals, developers and publishers from Jordan and abroad.
The three-day conference mainly addressed how libraries, technologies and learning are interacting together and lead to sustainability.
The 5th ICEPUB agenda included peer-reviewed papers, workshops and plenary sessions, as well as an exhibition for leading E-Publishing companies.
UJ President Prof. Abdul Karim Al-Qudah pointed out at the opening ceremony that developing this sector requires the activation of local and Arab creative human capital.
Al-Qudah said that advances in the world of information technology, libraries and modern learning methods will contribute to promoting learning, education and research.
He added that the event constitutes an opportunity to promote an effective partnership between digital content producers, librarians and IT professionals.
Director of UJ Library Dr. Nashrawan Tahat said in her address that this year's event supports the University's vision of becoming a smart university and aspires to contribute to the advancement of the e-publishing field.
She added that the conference program is filled with opportunities to identify new tools and techniques in the field of e-publishing and the development of sustainable research and teaching approaches.
More than 300 participants from Jordan and other countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco and Egypt have participated in this year's conference.
  • 11/4/2019