Climate Change Workshop at UJ with International Participation

​A workshop was organized by the Water, Energy and Environment Center at the University of Jordan (UJ) from November 3rd – 7th, under the title: "Water Resources and Climate Change: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation", with the participation of 50 environmental and climate change experts, academics and specialists from universities and research centers in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Kenya, Togo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran in addition to Jordan and Germany.


The 3-day workshop comprised a platform for the participants to discuss their diverse experiences related to the possible climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation options in the MENA region to gain better understanding and share experiences related to climate change causes, impacts, mitigation measures and adaptation options.
This workshop is the last in a series of workshops that were organized as part of the project: "Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries" (SWINDON), in the framework of the DAAD's program: "Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation" (exceed II).
The workshop sessions discussed a number of themes that dealt with topics on the effects of climate change on the various sectors, and ways to adapt to them through resorting to non-traditional sources instead of traditional as in the water and agricultural sectors, and the possibility of using treated water, water harvesting, and ways to increase the effectiveness of water distribution and irrigation networks.
  • 1/22/2020