11th Annual Conference of the School of Dentistry Held at UJ


The School of Dentistry at the University of Jordan (UJ) held its 11th annual conference and 1st international conference on March 1st, 2018, under the theme: "The Impact of Social Media on Dentistry".
The conference reflected concerns on the use of social media in Dentistry worldwide and the absence of consistent Dental advertising regulations, offering both international and local perspectives on the subject.
"One cannot deny that social media has become an integral part of our daily life, and more recently it has spread to Dentistry. Unfortunately, there is very little regulation for the use of social media in Dentistry worldwide," said Dean of the School, Prof. Ahmed Hamdan.
According to Hamdan, experts from Arab and foreign countries have attended and 20 papers were presented, covering the latest breakthroughs, developments and techniques in the field.
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Tahun, Chairman of the Organising Committee, said the conference included panel discussions, a trade exhibition, a student research competition, and 8 hands-on courses in the disciplines of endodontics, practice management, esthetic dentistry and cone beam CT.
The participants commended the role of the School in developing the profession and its endeavours to provide the labour market with highly skilled professionals.
They added during the closing session that the conference has succeeded in providing an effective platform for discussing and exchanging information and expertise on the latest developments in the dental and oral health field.
Furthermore, they recommended the need to confront and deal with the inadequate use of media resources, particularly social media, in Dentistry, including providing false Dental advertising and deceptive dental qualifications.
They agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation and coordination efforts between the School of Dentistry and the Jordan Dental Association in the framework of the inked agreement between them, to tackle this dilemma.
  • 4/22/2018