UJ’s Theater Club Receives Best Scenography Award in Casablanca


The University of Jordan’s Theater Club (organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at UJ) won a best Scenography Award in the First Arab Festival for Performance Art organized and held at the National School of Commerce and Management at The University of Hasan II in Casablanca. The members of UJ’s Theater Club performed in a piece titled “The Atheist.” The Festival was held under the title “We Thrive in Arab Art.” Participating countries from the Middle East included Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.
Dr. Ismael Al-Sa’udi, cultural advisor to UJ’s President, expressed his sincere gratitude for the hospitality that the Jordanian delegation saw in Casablanca and announced UJ’s readiness to participate again in next year’s Festival. The President of The University of Hasan II expressed interest in creating a partnership between the two Universities. He also thanked UJ’s President, the administration and students.
The University of Hasan II and UJ signed an agreement aimed at supporting and advancing student talent in artistic and cultural programs in major areas such theater, music, poetry and painting. The agreement also focuses on supporting and nurturing more intellectually- conscious students and helping them see the value of extracurricular activities.
  • 8/28/2018