​UJ Offers an Intensive Latin Course



Organized by The University of Jordan and the Italian Institute of Classical Studies in Rome, an Intensive Latin course was offered at UJ for approximately 5 weeks during the month of July. The course was one of the first of its kind in the Middle East. Around 50 students enrolled in the course, many of which came from various educational backgrounds in different fields such as Classical Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, as well as various faculties such as the Humanities, Foreign Languages, Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences, Law and Archaeology.


 The purpose of the course was to revive Classical Studies in Jordanian Universities and to help students acquire the language skills necessary to practice Latin as well as to study Latin grammar and vocabulary in an interactive and innovative way. UJ, in collaboration with the Arabic Language Academy of Jordan, have plans to offer grants to all those that participated in the course in light of the immense interest that students and researchers have shown. The grants are also meant to support and revive classical languages such as Latin.




 A lecture series was also part of the course. UJ and the Italian Institute organized lectures every week and invited presenters to give talks on an array of topics concerning Classical language, art, culture and politics. English Professor Mohammed Asfour, was the first to present his lecture titled “The Arab Intellectual and Latin.” Other presenters included Former Prime Minister, Own Kasawneh, who gave a lecture titled “Roman Law and its Relation to Islamic Law,” and Professor Rami Haddad, Dean of the School of Art and Design, whose lecture was titled “The Philosophy of Music Under the Latin Church.” The lectures were open to the general public


  • 8/28/2018