UJ Launches The Fourth International Conference on Electronic Publishing

On Tuesday, July 10th, The University of Jordan’s Main Library launched the Fourth International Conference of Electronic Publishing titled “Create... Communicate...Cooperation” with the participation of approximately 200 researchers and experts in Library and Information Science from around the world such as Belgium, Spain, and the United States.
The Conference’s purpose was to highlight the significant role that libraries play in supporting education, science, and scientific research in light of the recent changes taking place in the field of Information Technology and the ways that social media has altered the field and the community. The Conference also sheds light on some of the recent developments taking place in the world of Information Technology such as Cloud Computing, Big Data Analysis, and Internet of Things as well as Online and Blended Learning. The Conference lasted three days with 30 working papers circulated among four major sessions: Library Sciences and Information Technology, The Effect of Information Technology on Libraries, New Directions in Libraries and Training in Libraries.
UJ’s Vice President, Professor Ahmad Majdoubeh stated in his speech during the opening session that UJ understands that its strategic objectives can not be achieved without the contributions of the library and the services it offers such as Digital Information Technology, Information Literary as well as the most recent and innovative methods in interactive learning and smart technology. He added that the purpose of the University’s strategic mission focuses on scientific research that is influential and produces knowledge that can make UJ a highly efficient institute and an active community developer. Professor Majdoubeh also emphasized the importance of embracing conferences such as the Fourth International Conference on Electronic Publishing because of the fact that they enrich the inventory of knowledge and offer opportunities to see what is novel and innovative in the scientific sector, particularly in Library Studies. He commented on how such conferences reflect positively on education, learning, research, and community services for the University. He concluded that UJ is committed to improving and advancing its technological infrastructure with its cadre and maintaining student and faculty satisfaction with the Library’s services.
The Library’s Director and President of the Conference, Dr. Nashrwan Al-Tahat emphasized in her talk the Library’s role as a supplier of different services and the importance of keeping up with the latest advancements in Library Sciences as well as its keenness on organizing conferences and workshops meant to explore the massive developments taking place in Information Technology and Communication. Al-Tahat affirmed that the Preparatory Committee of the Conference is keen on publishing the best papers presented in both Arabic and English. Those presented in Arabic will be published in Dirasat (a journal published by The Deanship of Scientific Research), while Springer will publish those presented in English.
  • 8/28/2018