The 9th International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and Its Application held at UJ

The 9th International Conference on Fractional Differentiation was held at The University of Jordan from July 16-18 under the patronage of Her Royal Highness, Princess Sumaya Bint Al-Hasan. ICFDA , one of the most influential conferences in the scientific community, focuses on fractional-order calculus and its various fields.
It is a conference of great interest in major scientific fields such as mathematics, medicine, biology, and economics. The Conference consisted of 25 main speakers from 18 international countries and lasted about three days. There were also seven International Awards awarded to participants, one of which was the Rudolf Gorenflo Award, named after the famous German mathematician who passed away last October. Part of the Conference also included a talk held at the Abdul Hamid Shoman Foundation by Cambridge Senior Wrangler and mathematician, Arran Fernandez. Arran Fernandez was invited to give a talk about his life and academic career. He is considered to be one of the youngest students to enter Cambridge at the age of 15.
During the opening ceremony, Minister of Education, Professor Azmi Mahafzah emphasized the drastic changes taking place in the areas of research that are increasing the responsibilities of Universities and research centers to provide and promote programs and research tools that can meet the world’s growing demand in scientific research.
He added that scientific research is one of the pillars of the economy and of development in today’s world, and is certainly one of the most significant areas in developing nations. UJ’s Acting President, Professor Emad Salah, commented on the significance of holding the Conference in Jordan and particularly at UJ, as it provides a more comprehensive picture of the country’s research capabilities. He also emphasized that the conference is an opportunity for UJ and other Jordanian universities to strengthen their research capacities and to promote development in the country.
Professor Shaher Al-Momani, head of the local committee for the Conference and Dean of Scientific Research at UJ, also emphasized the significance of the Conference being held in Jordan and commented on the great number of papers that were presented. He stated that there were over 200 working papers being presented by some of the most influential scholars and researchers in the world. He also stated that conference was a golden opportunity for Jordanian researchers to gain experience and to network with other international researchers.
Conference proceedings will be published by Springer in special issue.
  • 8/28/2018