Interactive Dialogue on “Internet of Things” at UJ


On Sunday July 22nd, The University of Jordan along with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at UJ hosted a seminar titled “The Internet of Things,” in collaboration with Ibtikar Technologies and Umniah at the Saed Al-Mofti Auditorium in the School of Engineering.



The General-Manager of Ibtikar, engineer Jamil Al-Khatib discussed the philosophy behind IoT and the ways the world will directly depend on such technology for all aspects of life. He also provided illustrative examples, explaining how and why IoT works. Al-Khatib introduced a new project called THE TANK, a program in cooperation with Umniah meant “to empower and increase the entrepreneurial capacities of Jordanian youth, and thereby strengthen the community, through exchanging innovative experiences and knowledge that leads to the creation of sustainable new businesses,” according to their website (See website).  Al-Khatib stressed how their programs and courses can help both engineering and business students alike. In closing, Al-Khatib thanked UJ and the Center for their support and cooperation and commended the way that UJ and the Center work with the local community.


  • 8/28/2018