Chief Innovation Officer at NASA Lectures at UJ


The University of Jordan (UJ) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in cooperation with the Accreditation and Quality Control Center hosted Dr. Omar Hatamleh, the Director of the Space Studies Program at ISU, and Chief Innovation Officer, Engineering at NASA Johnson Space Center, to deliver a lecture entitled “Innovation and Economic Growth”.
Hatamleh, who was presented by UJ Professor Shaher Momani, discussed current technological developments, prospective technologies, and their expected implications on humans and their role in the job market, including artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, 3D manufacturing, and virtual reality.
According to him, it is predicted that by 2050, over 50 million jobs handled by humans will be lost to automation in the United States, adding that the emergence of artificial intelligence has impacted many fields, and that it is what distinguishes this current technological era from the industrial revolution era.
He presented examples for upcoming inventions and future technology such as cars driven by smart phones, and advanced equipment that can diagnose ailments. He also debated the pros and cons of these technologies in a world that is expected to witness a rise in population and increased life expectancy to 100 years old.
The lecture was concluded with an extensive discussion between the guest and the students during which he urged them not to feel discouraged from pursuing their dreams, expressing his optimism over their future.
It is noteworthy that Hatamleh holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from UJ and has over 20 years of field experience in space studies. He speaks four languages and has over 33 published articles in prestigious scientific journals.
  • 12/17/2018