Father Sharaiha: School of Sharia highlights Islam's true Image


On November 13, The University of Jordan (UJ) School of Sharia, hosted Father Mohammed George Shraiha in a lecture entitled "The Origination of Christianity and its Practices and Rites", in the framework of the comparative religion subject taught at the School.
Shraiha explained the beginnings of the emergence of Christianity and its spread, noting that Prophet Jesus was born in a Jewish environment, where the Jews considered themselves as the guardians of the world.
In his speech, Sharaieh addressed worship in Christianity, the most important of which is the prayer that is best known for “Our Father” prayer. He explained  that the prayer begins by praying to God Almighty, that peace prevail in the world and that the prayer is held in the churches on Sunday of every week.
During the lecture, Sharaieh expressed pleasure on His Majesty King Abdullah II's receiving the Templeton Prize, for his efforts to achieve harmony within Islam and between Islam and other religions.
The lecturer commended the message of the School of Sharia and its responsibilities in highlighting the true image of Islam as a tolerant and compassionate religion, and for encouraging cultural diversity for the benefit of university students and members of the local community.
  • 1/16/2019