8th Joint Conference on Electronic Business, Management Organized


The University of Jordan (UJ) in cooperation with Al-Quds Open University organized the 8th Joint International Scientific Conference, titled "E-Business and E-Management and its Applications in Private and Public Organizations".
Held at UJ's School of Business on April 23rd- 25th, the conference focused on e-business and e-management’s numerous aspects, and their role in creating a significant change in the organizations' performance within its different aspects.
The conference, which included 15 scientific sessions with 70 addresses, brought together researchers, decision makers and directors of organizations from several countries to share their researches, studies and experiences on the subject and its diverse dimensions.
The conference was intended to link between literature and theories related to the e-business and e-management on one side, and their applications in the public and private sector organizations on the other side.
The conference's main themes included E-Marketing; E-Business' Administrative & Legal Environment; Customers in E-Markets; Competition & Competitive Advantages in E-Business Industry; Technology, Education and E-learning; Privacy and Security in E-business & E-management Operation; E-Finance & E-Accounting; E-Economy; E-government.
The conference ended with the adoption of recommendations concerning legislative and other measures aimed at protecting e-commerce consumers.
The participant called for developing country-level strategies to achieve steady growth in the e-commerce sector and facilitate obstacles in front of it.
They also stressed the importance of information security in institutions dealing with e-commerce and to maintain confidentiality of transactions as well as building confidence in the society in e-commerce.
  • 5/28/2019