Major General Fadel Mohammad Al-Humoud

Director of Public Security, the public security directorate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Major General Fadel Mohammad Al-Humoud received his BA degree in Public Administration and Political S



Test-Driving New Classroom Tech Initiatives

A new semester means a fresh start, an opportunity to atone for past mistakes or aspire to new heights. Professors across the country want to find new ways to engage their students, and some believe




Welcome to Amman and the Language Center of the University of Jordan.

The word welcome has a clear deep rooted meaning in the Arabic language with a connotation of kindness and unique hospi



In The Spotlight

UJ breaks new grounds through blended learning - Dr.Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh ,Vice President for Humanities

As of the first semester 2016/2017, the University took the decision to pilot and implement blended learning as a strategic objective. Toward this end, it first started by training two volunteer professors (Nimer Abu Salim from the Department of English and Nour Suleiman from the Department of Linguistics) so as to start the experiment in two of their courses, to be offered in the Spring of 2016/ 2017. Prior to the training, a working definition was pinpointed for blended learning: the blending in the same course of face-to-face-education and online learning.  The training, conducted by a team from the IT School in close coordination with the office of the Vice President for Humanities, took about three months and focused on both components of the blended learning approach: face-to-face meetings and online learning. The emphasis in the training was on making class meetings based on co-operative and experiential learning, and the online component on interactive learning. A lot of attention was given to the online component, especially since it is – in its interactive format – new to many professors.