Our alumnus of the month for this issue is a recent PhD graduate, Islam Aljdou.


With her determination, persistence, and studiousness and the supportive policies, bylaws, and facilities of the University of Jordan (UJ), Islam, who has hearing loss, was able to reach the highest degree offered at the university.


Aljdou obtained a PhD in Special Education from the University's School of Educational Sciences, her dissertation title was: "The level of professional and personal competencies and their relationship to career satisfaction among teachers of students with hearing disabilities in light of some variables". 


On a couple of occasions, Islam confirmed that the environmental facilities inside the university have become much better; the number of sign language interpreters has increased and communication has improved.


Aljdou said that since her childhood she had difficulty communicating with the surrounding community. As a young girl, she only aspired to reach high school, but after that, she realized her own strength, and despite the challenges she faced in school she continued her undergraduate university education.


Aljdou added that soon after obtaining her bachelor's degree, she realized that she had to keep-going and, accordingly, worked hard and obtained a master's degree and then a doctorate, despite many family commitments and the surrounding community's attempt to discourage her.


Aljdou, who is currently a full-time employee at the Greater Amman Municipality, says she wishes to pursue a career in the academia.    


The Students Guidance Department at the Deanship of Student Affairs, which was established in 2002, provides the necessary and specialized support for university students in general and students with special disabilities in particular.


The Special Needs Student Support Division at the Department works to transform the university environment into a less restrictive environment, in order for the student with disabilities to achieve the highest degree of adaptation.


Moreover, students with disabilities at UJ receive 90% discount on credit hour fees for both, undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

  • 4/25/2022