Krisztián Faluhelyi

​I have lived in Jordan for over a year now and my first impression  of the country was that all the people are very friendly and hospitable here. Jordanian food is exquisite: I could live until the end of my life on hummus, falafel and olive oil! My favourite foods are actually the most simple ones: I love manakish! Makhluba is also such a wonder dish for me, not to mention baklava and other sweets and cakes! Moreover, I adore the architecture of this beautiful country and buildings here are exceptional. Although they don’t differ in colour, still none of them are the same. It would be simply impossible to find two identical buildings or homes. There is a great deal of variety! And finally, my favourite place is the University of Jordan: the buildings, the paths, the gardens are all quite beuatiful and unique. Going from point A to point  B, you can always find hundreds of different paths around campus, and at any point of the university you can find a place (or anything else) to sit on and have a little chat with whoever is around. The atmosphere at the University of Jordan is quite lovely and I recommend everyone to come visit if they every get the chance.  ​

  • 4/19/2022