UJ Faculty Wins Anwar Salman Award for Creativity

The University of Jordan (UJ) faculty member and poet Professor Maha Al-Atoum won the Anwar Salman Award for Creativity 2021 in the Field of Arabic Poetry jointly with Omani poet Hussein Al-Matrooshi.

Maha Al-Atoum, professor of Literature and Modern Criticism in the Division of Arabic Language at the University's Language Center, is an accomplished poet. She has six poetry collections and winner of the State Appreciation Award in Poetry Literature 2017 and the Creative Sabbatical Award 2017.

It is noteworthy that this year's jury included poet Shawki Bazi, former General Secretary of Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO Professor Zahida Darwish Jabbour, Professor Mahmoud Shureh, and Lebanese critic and writer Suleiman Bakhti.

Anwar Salman Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organization established on the second anniversary of the Lebanese poet Anwar Salman’s death who passed away in 2016. The foundation is concerned with honoring creativity in Arabic literature and poetry.​