Al Qudah Presents His Vision for a Smart University


President of the University of Jordan (UJ) Prof. Abdel karim Al Qudah met with members of the students' union on Wednesday, September 19, and discussed a range of activities, initiatives, and student issues.
Al Qudah also briefed the attendees on his vision to turn UJ into a smart university that uses high technology in its infrastructure in order to make the educational process more interactive and lively. He also presented a number of projects that the University aims to undertake such as the solar power project, which is estimated to save around eight million dollars annually.
While talking about the curricula, the president suggested that the students enroll in specialized courses held by the University that will enable them to work alongside their studying.  The president explained that doing so would at the end easily facilitate their joining of the job market without having to wait for a job through the government's Civil Service Bureau.
The meeting was moderated by Dr. Khalid Al-Atiyat, Dean of Students Affairs, who praised the president's approach to hold periodic meetings with the students to discuss their needs on campus.
The meeting was attended by the Director of the Admission and Registration Unit, the Registrar General, Prof. mohammad al shridah, and the Director of the Finance Unit, Bakr Al-Badour, to respond to the queries of the students.
  • 11/18/2018