The Joint Tenth Conference "Towards a Competitive Economy and Distinguished Performance ​ In Light of the 21st Century Crises and Challenges"

The 21st century witnessed increasing challenges and crises, which required countries and institutions to face and address these challenges with utmost efficacy to achieve distinguished performance. States and institutions have to adopt competitiveness in utilising the knowledge, human, financial and technological resources to reach sustainability in economy, prosperity and luxury. It is well known that organisations and countries that succeeded in making better use of their diverse resources are capable of improving the performance of their economy and achieving a significant difference in the reality of human development and the infrastructure of the countries. The higher the difference, the more competitiveness will be made.

Promoting the competitiveness of a particular economy in a country requires seizing the available opportunities that will lead to effective competitiveness and facing the threats jeopardising the economy.

Competitiveness requires exerting efforts to improve and develop the administrative, economic, technical, cultural, social, political and legal fields. In addition to employing the best practices and the most effective policies and programs in the afore-mentioned fields.

The importance of achieving economic competitiveness among institutions in light of the 21st century developments entailing the economic and cultural globalisation, ICT revolution, trade and economic openness, led to intensifying the competitiveness among countries and organisations.


Management excellence is one of the core components that lead to the competitiveness of the organisations and countries. In the context of adopting management excellence notion in a practical way, organisations are capable of promoting their products in diverse markets and offering quality products that meet the needs of customers and clients. It is worth mentioning that organisations which provide quality products are capable of realising sustainability in the global markets. Since the traditional boundaries between countries are not hindering economy, thus, technology, quality and distinction became the real boundaries of the 21st century. Competitiveness can only be attained by breaking these boundaries and reaching global and international spaces.    



The University of Jordan - School of Business 




May, 17 - 19, 2022 

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